Photo Gallery: Fun Day July 2017


Four Paws members and their dogs were invited to a Fun Day at the end of the summer season of training.

The day consisted of four different activities: “ Have a Go” Agility, a Rally Obedience course, a retrieve session, and recall through Temptation Alley. The activities were followed by a barbecue lunch.


Have a Go Agility

A tunnel and some small jumps . Let's watch the dogs learning a new skill ...

The easy bit for well-behaved dogs ...
Waiting to get started ...
“My goodness! I'm supposed
to jump over something!!”
“Well, that the front legs over,
just the back legs to go.”
“Hey, handler, this requires concentration.
I thought we went to an obedience class?”
“Oooooh! Look at me! Not just jumps ...
I ran right through this wonderful tunnel.”
“Hah. Pretty easy for me.
It's just a high step really.”
“Actually, it's all rather fun ...
I'm flying over!”
“You call that flying? No. This is flying!
Four legs high at once and ears a-flap.”


Rally Obedience course

A course with marked stations. At each station there is a command to achieve, such as “Turn Right” ,“Stay, while handler walks round dog”, etc. A brief drop-in to see one of the dogs ...

“We've practiced this in class and I can do it.
I just sit here. Handler has to do the work!”



Send your dog to a small pipe-toy and ask for a retrieve. Advanced dogs fetch a hidden object (see the video). Let's watch the dogs learning and enjoying the basics ...

“You want me to go over to that tiny
red pole? Happy to do that.”
“Just watch me, I'm Super-dog.
I'll get there in 1 second flat. ”
“I'll investigate this weird little pole first ...
best to be careful and check it out ..”
“Ah! And I bring it back for you?
—Yep, will do. ”
“Clapping me? Cos I'm clever and gave you
the little pole? Super! Is there a prize? ”


Temptation Alley

Two lines of toys and foodbowls are laid out. The handler sets up their dog at one end, and then recalls them through the middle of the avenue of temptations. Winners are those where the dog does not go to any foodbowl or toy. The trainer can put food in the foodbowls, or not, depending on the training level of the dog. Let's see how a couple of dogs got on ...

“Yep, I'm coming. straight to you.
I'm going to win a biscuit for my success!!”
“Yes, yes, I'll come to you, but got to check
this great ball first.” (oh dear, no biscuit!)



Lovely lunch prepared by our helpers.

Auditioning for Masterchef?
Desserts — yum.


And a video of a few moments of the day ...


And finally

Our thanks to Bruce for taking photos and video of the day. Much appreciated!


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