Photo Gallery: Fun Day April 2017


Four Paws members and their dogs were invited to a Fun Day at the end of the spring season of training.

The day consisted of four different activities: “ Have a Go” Agility, a “Beat the Dice” challenge for the Stay command, a Rally-O course, and recall through Temptation Alley. Coffee, tea and scrumptious home made cakes were available afterwards during the club AGM


Have a Go Agility

A tunnel and some small jumps

Here is how to do it:
carefully over
“Looking for my handler, she
disappeared as I went through tunnel”
Neat style:
let them legs a-dangle
A great different style:“I'm definitely
clearing that jump with my front legs”
Keep those eyes wide,
ready for another jump
Super-Star Leaper!
“Me small? No way!”
Even dogs with leg problems
join in carefully. How lovely!
“Wow, what a loooooong
tunnel for me!̶


Other activities

Beat the Dice – handler throws dice to see what position and duration for a stay, and maybe with an extra challenge of a distraction.
“Have a Go” Rally-O – navigate a course of position commands and heelwork.
Temptation Alley – recall past food bowls, toys and interesting objects.

Dice: Watching the throw carefully,
maybe dog can read the challenge?
Rally-O: Serpentine heel through the
poles looking good
Temptation Alley: Look at that attention on handler, ignoring distractions!
Even the football isn't a big enough temptation


And a video of a few moments of the day ...


And finally

Our thanks to Bruce for taking photos and video clips of the day. Much appreciated!


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