Relaxation during the day

Photo Gallery: Fun Day July 2016


Four Paws members and their dogs were invited to a Fun Day at the end of the summer season of training.

The day consisted of fun relay races in the morning followed by a barbecue lunch. Each race had a theme, with little challenges to overcome. Of course, the challenges were easier if the handler had trained their dog (we are a dog training club, after all!). For some relay events, the challenge was increased for handlers and dogs in the more advanced classes – control was to be maintained without a lead.

Getting organised

The Fun Day organisers let their dogs have a bit of free running as they set up the first event. Then the Fun day participants arrive. Chaos gives way to organisation ....

The free dogs socialise nicely ...
... return to their owners ...
... and the participants get organised.
Finally, participants line up for an event.


Crowning achievements

Let's celebrate everyone's achievements during the term! Participants wear a crown while walking their dog on lead.
Of course, the crown may slip if your dog pulls too much and unbalances you. Good heel training will help you in this event.

Here is how to do it:
What lovely posture
This looks great:
Relaxed and dog beside handler
Try going faster if
your dog pulls to the side
Maybe keep it pacy
if your dog lags?
But keeping it smooth and steady
also works very well for a slower dog
Holding on to your crown?
Now that's cheating!
Hey! And another one!
Come on folks, you can do it!
Or you could try wearing a hat?
Even the dog admires this technique


Egg and Spoon

Handlers must carry a pretend egg on a spoon, in the same hand as the lead.
Be careful! If your dog pulls, the egg will fall.

Handler keeps the right pace for her dog
Going well, with a nice loose lead ...
Just got to concentrate on balance!
Oy! The lead is on hand holding spoon ...
while sneaking other hand onto the lead!
Young handlers can use either hand,
but dog is in lovely heel anyway
Beautiful heel ... while dog hopes
that egg is really a ball?
It all started well here
Nice and steady now ...
... but then it all went wrong:
oh dear, an empty spoon!
"If I stare at the egg carefully
I'm sure it won't fall"


Obstacle race

Various challenges to overcome, such as commands to give and passageways to negotiate.
The pictures capture a few of the challenges. Advanced dogs are off-lead.

Through gate, then through the tunnel
– This handler got left behind!
This dog needed a little encouragement –
so busy sniffing out the strange tunnel!
Hah. Here's one with handler and dog
both reaching the end of tunnel together
Throw a bean bag into a bucket.
What a great aim!
Just a little trickier
if your dog decides to help
Is the bean bag in the bucket?
Or is dog hiding it for a game later?
Yep. That went well, but
no time for mutual praise, off you go ...
The next obstacle is great –
behave politely for the sausage


Tunnel, jumps and hoop

Agility-type challenges. The dog must go through a short tunnel, over two small jumps, and through a hoop.

Looks like this is fun:
Just head for the next jump now
Fabulous enjoyment between these two,
but hope they don't miss the next jump!
What excellent jumping style and
nice rapport between handler and dog
Careful direction off lead
to the next obstacle
Deep concentration –
getting ready early for next obstacle
The handler is ready for the hoop:
Just need to encourage his dog ahead
Gentle encouragement and the dog
goes through the hoop
Through the hoop:
Yah, hee! Time to celebrate!


Water carrier

Handler fills a cup with water and carries it to a bucket, where they empty the cup. The team with the most water in the final bucket wins the competition.
The cup must be carried in the same hand as the lead. Woe betide the handler of a dog that pulls – the water can go anywhere!

This looks very good –
great heel, pacy but steady walk
The dog is helpfully supervising –
just checking the carrying technique
Perfectly done when dog is behind;
steady but definite
Looks steady ... provided that
smell is not too good to delay his dog!
Encouragement from your canine
companion helps along the way
Techniques differ –
There's the high hold ...
... and the lower hold,
protecting the top of the cup
The cup of water reaches its destination


Navigate the course

Participants must walk through a course. Dogs from advanced classes are off-lead.

Dog must obey command near the hoop,
then head off for the poles
Heelwork weaving through the poles
– hey, keep that attention, now!
Greet the person in the chair,
with your dog under control
Heel round the back,
pace helps distract from the other dog!
Heel past those super toys and food;
perfect control shown here
Checking the dog if tempted
– well done!
A confident handler;
dog isn't even looking at the temptations
Can you reward a job well done
at the Finish? Yes, of course!


And finally:

Four Paws would like to say a huge thank you to Linda and Derek for giving us a wonderful new club sign.
Linda and Derek have come to the club for a few years now, taking their dog Luna through puppy classes, and through the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards, right up to successful Gold Level. They are currently training their young second dog, Skye, with us as well. They helped us greatly when we moved premises. We will miss you both when you leave us.

With our thanks, also, to Liz for taking photos of the day. Much appreciated!


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