Photo Gallery: Informal Dog Walk held in July 2016


Early moments:
Looks like not everyone is quite ready yet!
Ah, now everyone's gathering as a group:
It's time to get started ...
First stop: the river.
Let's see what the dogs enjoy ...
Happiness is — togetherness ...
Or chasing the toy
— who will get it?...
Happiness is — Winning the best toy
(but the other dog may win another time!)
Happiness is —
finding a new valuable possession ...
Happiness is — Deep immersion ...
Or standing in the shallows ...
The people are standing on dry ground
... or are they? ...
Oh look! It's not just dogs
who love the water after all
Nearly time to come out now
Yes, that means you,
out you come
And you;
It's time to carry on the walk
The walk continues into the countryside
Through the bush land ...
And into the fields
Where the dogs ...
... can run together again
Ah, this time the beloved toy is shared
Let's hope the light coloured dogs don't get lost!
We can only just see them in the hay!
Maybe we should focus in on one at a time ...
And then another
Time to move on,
so the dogs are called in
Once everyone has gathered together,
the walk continues
Down the mellow path,
with its blues and greens ...
Though a golden glen
of flowers, bushes and trees
Past flaxen grasses — such lovely summer colours.
Heading to the cafe for a drink
Some are left in charge of several dogs,
who look expectantly after their owners
Drinks and chat for people ...
but now the dogs all pose for our photographer!

With our thanks, to Liz for taking photos of the day.


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