Photo Gallery: Dogs' Party for Christmas 2019


The Dogs' Christmas Party

Games based on obedience
followed by a barbecue


Meet some of the participants:

The trainer calls for order ...
... we are about to start
Dogs and people are ready for fun games,
after first checking no trickery in that hat!
We have three teams: the reindeer with antler headgear,
elves ... and there is a third somewhere, where are they? ...
Ah, there we are – Father Christmases
– they seem to be facing the wrong way ...
... though the elves are also looking lost
– no worries! All will be clear very soon
The reindeer team have it all worked out
– secret hand signals will help them win!
Lets take a brief look at our party-comers
– these two are having a scout round for us ...
... some are already paying attention,
getting ready for when the games start
Some dogs are dressed in their Christmas finery
(but may not be paying attention yet, it seems)
This one is surely posing for our website!
Our main colours are red, white and black
And some are doing a grand job
of helping Father Christmas on his travels
Coats do not need a Christmas theme
to be spectacularly lovely
Some dogs are saying hello very nicely,
with others discreetly turning a blind eye
These two are also having a
loving moment
As for the humans – there are
some seriously good jumpers around


Have a look at a few of the games:

The participants were divided into three teams. Some games were team games, and each member of the winning team received a small prize.
Some games were individual games, with the winner getting a prize.


“Get a grip”: Handlers must use chopsticks to transfer three pieces of kibble from one bowl to another. The second bowl is on the ground. Once the kibble has been transferred, the next team member can go. The winning team is the one which finishes first ... unless any dog ate the kibble! In that case the team looses.

This is how it is done
– splendid Stay and Leave by the dog!
Or play it clever– and hold
your dog securely – no chance to eat the kibble!
The excellent Stay and Leave method
still results in intense interest by the dog!
... even if a head turn is needed (you never know
– owner might drop a bit of kibble )
Even putting yourself between dog and bowl
doesn't stop undivided canine attention on that food!
imagefreet each other
Those who preferred to hold their dog
had to use a one-handed method to transfer the kibble
... often accomplished with skill and ease
– very impressive chopstick use!
imagefreet each other
Sometimes a trainer's steadying hand on the bowl
was appreciated (trainers like to feel useful, right?)
And some handlers had to cope with a huge
audience (look – dog's nose next to kibble, yet not stealing!)


“Round and round”: Handlers must put their dog into a Stay and walk round the dog. There are three stations, for Sit-Stay, Down-Stay and Stand-Stay. After the last station, the next team member goes.

Start with a sit –
imagefreet each other
... onto a Down-Stay
and walk round ...
... finishing with a Stand-Stay and, er,
walk round? Or is it topple or skip round?


“Noughts and crosses”: Only two teams for this one - the X team and the O team. Handlers place their dog in a Stay in square in a grid, just like entering o and x in noughts and crosses. The catch is that if the dog gets up – that square becomes free again. Handlers in advanced classes must leave the dog, handlers in less advanced classes can stay with their dog.

followed by ...

“Sausage Santa”: Handlers approach Santa. The dog must sit. Santa gives them a sausage. Then the next dog approaches. The dogs seem to rather like this game, I wonder why?

O and X:   What can we say? Except
such well trained Stays ...
... congratulations to all
dogs and handlers. You did brilliantly.
Sausage Santa:   First the dog must sit,
and who wouldn't sit for a sausage?
imagefreet each other
Rapt attention on the sausage
is an optional extra!
It's great how
good the dogs are ...
... they all deserve their
Christmas treats.

With our thanks to Bruce for taking photos of the day.


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