Kennel Club Awards

Information sheets from the Kennel club:

Adult dogs: July 2019

Congratulations to everyone who passed their Awards.


Bronze Award


Congratulations to:

  • Emily with Oriel
  • Vicky with Rio
  • Steve with Tyler
  • Marchella with Elsa


Silver Award


Congratulations to:

  • Cid with Barley
  • Barbara with Chewy
  • Lucy and Xav with Brecon
  • Rose with Meg


Gold Award


Congratulations to:

  • Ange with Gracie-Mai


Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Assessment: July 2019

Congratulations to everyone who gained their Puppy Foundation Assessment from the class of April – July 2019.

Puppy Foundation

Congratulations to:

  • Ross and family with Makkari
  • Dax with Ottie
  • Lucy with Raffie
  • Jodie with Diesel
  • Arnold and family with Lupa
  • Richard and family with Tillie
  • Jenny and family with Barley
  • Robert with Ollie
  • Bob and family with Missy



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Obtaining photos

Bruce takes most of the photos for Four Paws. He is very happy to send any photo of your dog by an email attachment. If you see a photo you would like, please contact Bruce via our Membership Secretary email address. Please be aware that photos are cropped, and sometimes slightly altered, before being posted on the web, so the original may not be the same as on the website. Bruce enjoys taking photos ... you can always ask him if he'll take another of your dog, if he has the time!
Email address:



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