Four Paws Committee
Obedience training and socialisation in Oxfordshire

The Committee make decisions on the running of Four Paws. However, the club belongs to all its members – its trainers, committee and those who bring their dogs to training! The Committee are always happy for suggestions and ideas from any member – just tell us what you'd like to happen!

Meet the Committee ...

Several Committee members are also trainers. Read more about them on the Trainers' Page.


David Minns

David is our Chair.

He is also a trainer with Four Paws.

Andrew with Fidget
with Fidget and Elbi

Andrew McLean

Andrew is our Vice Chair.

He joined Four Paws with his dog, Fidget, who has passed her Bronze and Silver Awards in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

Andrew now has another dog, Elbi.


Margaret with Tilly
with Tilly

Margaret Holmes

Margaret is our Club Secretary.

Margaret joined Four Paws with her Springer Spaniel, Tilly, in January 2011. Tilly is Margaret's second Springer – she loves their happy, lively nature. Margaret and Tilly started in the Puppy Class, and Tilly has now progressed through her Bronze and Silver Awards of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Going to Four Paws is Tilly's highlight of the week, she loves it!.


David with Ringo
with Ringo

David Cleaver

David is our Treasurer.

David and his wife Isabella joined the Four Paws puppy class in September 2010 with their 3 month old chocolate Labrador Ringo Belle. Ringo and David have since progressed through the adult classes, and are now in our most advanced class. David joined the committee as a Member Representative in 2012, and was appointed Treasurer in March 2013. David is interested to see where advanced training at Four Paws can lead and how we can retain the enthusiasm of our canine companions.


Grahame Godby

Grahame is our Membership Secretary.

He is also a trainer with Four Paws.


Jane Armitage

Jane is a member representative.

She is also a trainer with Four Paws.

Brenda's dog,

Brenda Roberts

Brenda is a member representative and our Class Intake Co-ordinator. As Class Intake Co-ordinator, she checks who has arrived, and deals with the class and membership fees. You will meet Brenda when you arrive!

Brenda lives with Bracken, a Jack Russel x Border Terrier. She trained Bracken in our puppy class, and then sucessfully took him through the Bronze Award of Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Brenda has been with Four Paws since we first opened, when she also had her first ever dog, Max, a Springer Spaniel, whom she trained to the Gold level of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.
In 2009, Brenda attended the Instructors Workshop run by Odin Canine Services.

Sindy with DJ and Dylan
with Dylan and DJ

Sindy Randall

Sindy is a member representative.

Sindy has been a member of the club for several years with Dylan who has passed his Bronze and Silver Awards in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. She also has a lively addition to her family – DJ. DJ passed the Puppy Foundation Kennel Club Assessment at Four Paws, and has since also passed the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Sindy is pleased to now be helping out on the committee.


Jenny with Harley
with Paddy and Harley

Jenny Henman

Jenny is a member representative.

Jenny originally joined Four Paws at our first site, Weston on the Green, with her dog, Paddy. Since then she has trained 3 dogs, including her current puppy, Harley. Jenny and her husband, John, have had 13 dogs (8 of which were rescues). Jenny says, "It's hard to believe that when I was 7, we had a puppy and I spent the first week standing on a chair because I was so scared of dogs." She believes the club has helped her a lot with training her dogs, especially with one of her rescues – who didn't like other dogs. She says, "Harley loves coming to Four Paws, and I hope we'll be able to go on and do the Bronze award in the future."



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